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    Magelis iPC - The latest addition to the popular Magelis family

    Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has launched Magelis™ Panel PC (iPC) - the latest addition to the company’s popular Magelis range of industrial PC.

    The new range allows for a higher degree of flexibility and power to industrial automation applications, as well as more precise adjustment of components for individual customer needs. While remaining certified for tough automation applications, MagelisiPC offers customers a selection of configurations.

    Magelis iPC - The latest addition to the popular Magelis family

    Different design options for Optimised or High Performance models are available with options for expansion slots and other add-on devices, as well as common configurations which are available off-the-shelf. In addition to these configurations from the catalogue, Schneider Electric now offers made-to-order models compiled according to customer specification, with over 1.5 million possible arrangements.

    The Magelis Panel PC is based on Microsoft operating systems for ease of integration with an IT infrastructure. The range offers large data storage management, dual gigabit Ethernet to separate data flow, along with connectivity to PC devices, data bases and IT systems. Multi-tasking capabilities can also be added to the base product, such as Human Machine Interface with Vijeo™ Designer and Intelligent Data Service applications, VijeoCitect™ SCADA, office applications, internet browser and any user-installed software.

    The system is also designed for low maintenance. Fanless and diskless options are available with use of flash drive technology and system diagnostics for early temperature warnings in hazardous locations. Magelis iPC’s temperature range, resistance to vibration and shocks, and IP 65 touch screen with LED backlight allow for uninterrupted operation in difficult environments.

    Depending on the application requirements, the operating system can be Windows Embedded, write-protected to avoid any abnormal modification, XP Pro or Windows 7 up to Ultimate 64-bit, especially for large SCADA applications demanding extra RAM size management.

    The MagelisiPC range was designed specifically for the most demanding applications and is accredited by relevant certifications including UL508 for automation products, and ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 for hazardous or marine locations.

    An optional redundant factory fitted RAID hard disk and battery back-up ensure high availability and security of data along with controlled shutdowns.

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