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    Packaging machines with up to 4 synchronized servo axes (Sercos)

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Efficient engineering, utilizing the principles of modular engineering, aims for full software reusability, regardless of the complexity of the individual machine type. This requires a fully scalable control system to cover various types of performance. Across the entire performance range– from the simplest application with two to four axes to complex packaging processes – full software portability and maximum profitability must be met.

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  • Solutions

    Cutting-edge technology, even for small machines: “Synchronized axes / Sercos / Motion Controller LMC101” is an example of architecture based on PacDrive 3 for the economical automation of small packaging machines with a maximum of four servo axes. Though it’s an entry-level solution for high end motion technology, it offers sophisticated motion features, tools and libraries designed for machines with up to 99 axes.

  • Value Proposition

    • PacDrive 3 is based on proven logic motion technology which unifies the control functionality of PLC, motion and robotics on a single hardware platform.
    • With its centralized system architecture, PacDrive 3 is the ideal solution for controlling a broad range of servo-driven production and packaging machines, as well as material handling equipment and robotics.
    • More than 80,000 machines worldwide are controlled by PacDrive 3.
  • Differentiation

    • Thanks to its scalability, automation architectures based on PacDrive 3 can be adapted to changing configurations with 0 to 99 servo axes.
    • PacDrive 3 is designed specifically for packaging machines. Whenever possible, common packaging machine terms are used in the tools and libraries.
    • Software libraries for packaging machine-specific issues are available (for example: libraries for compliance to PackML and Weihenstephan, as well FDA and PLCopen compliant library functions).

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