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    Prefabricated all-in-one data center infrastructure up to 100KW including power, cooling, racks, and management.

    Micro Data Centers

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You need on-premise data processing, which utilizes your local IT equipment to store data, within the local network of your organization. The solution: Micro Data Centers.
  • Solutions

    Micro Data Center is a self-contained, secure computing environment assembled and factory tested. The Micro Data Center is shipped in one enclosure and includes all the necessary power, cooling, security and associated infrastructure management.
  • Value Proposition

    • Quick to deploy
    • Easy to manage
    • Secure
    • Standardized
    • Cost-effective
  • The Difference

    • Largest team of start-up and maintenance technicians.
    • Dedicated remote monitoring connected to local service.
    • Individual site assessment services.
    • Customizable designs built in a local factory.

Micro data center overview

For those looking for a fail-safe way of processing data on-premise, a micro data centre is an ideal investment and solution. 
Using our local information technology equipment to store data, a micro data centre exists within the local network of your organisation to improve infrastructure reliability. 
Optimising a secure computing environment, you will create a self-contained system that is secure, factory tested and dependable. 
Quick Transition Times 
Shipped in one solid enclosure with all the necessary power, cooling, security and associated infrastructure management, Schneider Electric products cater to every need. So, the upsides of adopting a micro data centre are abundant. 
In addition to the security we deliver to your network, we install systems and respond to all enquiries and questions immediately and effectively and ensure that transition times are as quick as possible. Easy to manage, our micro data centres do not over-complicate your computing infrastructure and environment – instead of increasing it, they reduce the burden of management.
Excellent Return on Investment 
Cost-effective by design, these items provide an excellent return on investment.  The efficiency and speed they deliver enables data processes to boost the productivity of businesses of all sizes organically. Our data centres have a maximum capacity of 100KW, meaning that they offer huge amounts of storage for their owners. 
Tailored, Ongoing Maintenance 
We provide ongoing maintenance for clients – so you can benefit from peace of mind for long after making the purchase. With the largest team of start-up and maintenance technicians in the industry, we are on hand to provide dedicated and remote monitoring whenever and wherever clients need it. 
We also offer individual site assessment services and customisable designs of our hardware, so that we can respond to your needs exactly by building the product to your specification in a local factory. 
Committed to producing the most effective products and solutions to our clients, our dedication to delivering high quality services is discernible in everything that we make. 
Schneider Electric are power management specialists, with an industry footprint that covers over 100 countries. 
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