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      Turbomachinery Control (TMC) for Mechanical Retrofit

      Extend the life of TMC equipment and improve overall reliability with mechanical retrofit upgrades

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    Turbomachinery Control (TMC) for Mechanical Retrofit

    Turbine-driven process plants must operate smoothly for a decade or more. This requires robust controls, reliable mechanical components, avoidance of spurious trips, and capabilities for online repair and testing. Enhancing visualization, diagnostics and simulation also helps extend time between turnarounds.
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      TMC retrofits eliminate mystery boxes and outdated mechanical components. TriconexTM safety systems ensures 2oo3 voting for all trip inputs, electronic over-speed protection, online testing and repair, no single point of failure, and full instrumentation for automatic testing, and continuous diagnostics.

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      • Solution features

        Schneider Electric mechanical retrofit capabilities focus on actuators, power units, probes and other physical components that deliver reliable, fault-tolerant performance. The solutions include :

        • Trip Block Assemblies (Quadvoter): fault-tolerant, online serviceable and SIL-rated speed indication: active and passive speed probes receive the speed of the turbine and brackets
        • Custom hydraulic power units (HPU) retrofits: designed for high- or low-pressure hydraulic solutions
        • TMR servos
        • Pneumatic actuator retrofits
        • Custom LVDT brackets for redundant and triple-redundant valve position feedback and control
        • Thrust probes and brackets

        We also provide a complete range of services as an integral part of all these solutions including strategy, design, testing, documentation, detailed demolition plans, site management and management of contractors at your site.
      • Benefits

        Reduces installation time through strategic use of laser scanning and other advanced reverse engineering methods
        Increases response and precision through high pressure actuators and servo valves
        Simplifies maintenance through the elimination of OEM components
        Increases service life and smoother operation with separation of lubricating oil and control oil
        Improves redundancy with duplication or triplication of system components
        More precise control — high pressure servos and actuators provide excellent resolution with significantly lower hydraulic fluid flow providing increased speed and accuracy for control
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