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    Orbus Process Safety Solutions

    Proven reliable technology with over 30 years in 100s of installations worldwide.

  • Orbus – Hardwired Safety System

    We manufacture and engineer safety (and fire and gas) systems solutions based on hardwired (non-software based) technology that extends and enhances our portfolio beyond its PLC/TMR/safety relay safety products.

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    - Ensuring verifiable protection of personnel and assets - Confidence in using proven product - Maximising operational performance from reliable low spurious trip rate yielding high plant productivity - Complying with latest safety and environmental regulations
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    Orbus process safety solutions and services

    Proven functional safety technology, non-software based applications, and Process Safety Consultancy and Management solutions helps operate and maintain clients personnel and assets safe.


    • Default Alternative Text Lowest Capex cost solutions below 150 I/O
    • Default Alternative Text Up to SIL 4 capability
    • Default Alternative Text Non-processor dependent diverse to control systems
    • Default Alternative Text Very low spurious trip rate lowers Opex
    • Default Alternative Text With FPGA technology serves complex logic
    • Default Alternative Text High competency, accredited execution