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    How does microgrid work?

    Combining local energy production, storage capabilities, and local energy consumption points microgrid solutions deliver greater reliability on site and improve energy balance in the smart grid.

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    Challenges of microgrids

    Integrating microgrids in your strategy to transform your business model towards new customer-oriented services is a bold idea! Discover the “three-Is” - individualized, instant, interconnected- approach to customer demands.

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    EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor

    Control on-site energy resources and loads to optimize your facility’s performance. Automatically forecast and optimize how and when to consume, produce, and store energy.

  • A rooftop installation of 1,034 Solar Panels that can absorb enough energy from the sun to produce 295 kilowatts per hour.

    EcoStruxure for microgrids

    The efficient use of microgrids can be the difference for sustainable and reliable energy. See how the experts envisage their use in a digitized, decentralized and decarbonized world.

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    • How utilities can benefit from microgrids

      Discover how an islanding-enabled microgrid, leveraging distributed generation flexibility and our demand-side expertise, was deployed in Texas (US) for greener, cheaper and more reliable energy.

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    • Management of DER in large-scale microgrids

      Want to be at the forefront of the smart grid? Discover how network operators can manage distributed energy resources and microgrids using our EcoStruxure™ ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System).

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    • How microgrids contribute to the energy transition

      Microgrids are the emerging energy ecosystem that can tackle present challenges through a local, interconnected system within clearly defined electrical boundaries, which incorporate loads, distributed generation, battery storage, and control capabilities.

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    • Microgrid control solution for commercial buildings and campuses

      Create a fully-optimized microgrid to lower your energy costs (cut your energy bills and increase curtailment incentives), reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure power reliability from your onsite generation assets.

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      Microgrids' Challenges

      DERs are reshaping the energy landscape. Cheaper and greener, they yield massive productivity changes. Intermittent and decentralized, they imply innovative power systems designs to optimize, ensure system stability, and to finance assets implementation. They call for behavior changes, new, smart technologies, and new business models.
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      Microgrid Management system Our microgrid management system relies on two main functions:

      • The Microgrid Control (Microgrid Operation) is an on-premise solution that ensures grid stability and energy reliability in several scenarios (islanded partially or not, grid-tied, etc.).
      • The Microgrid EMS (EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor) is a cloud-based solution that leverages powerful analytics in order to optimize microgrid performance, in terms of sustainability, energy costs and productivity.
      Optimize the use of energy resources with our Microgrid Energy Management System (EMS) EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor predicts energy consumption and production of DERs, automatically adapting your energy mix to environmental criteria such as availability, price and weather conditions.
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      • Default Alternative Text Our microgrids are global: North America, Europe, Africa and South East Asia.
      • Default Alternative Text From kW’s to MW’s, our solutions can scale up as your needs evolve.
      • Default Alternative Text Inject over 30% renewables without compromising grid stability.
      • Microgrid success story: Oncor

        How a microgrid solution has improved the efficiency and reliability of Oncor, providing power to 10 million customers.

      • Boston One Campus story

        How an advanced microgrid solution at Schneider's Boston One Campus improved the resiliency of the network, sustainability, and cost optimization.

      • Microgrid Advisor demo

        How can you maximize the potential of EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor?

      • Microgrid virtual tour

        Take this virtual tour to learn more about microgrids, how they work, and why they are becoming more important in an ever-changing energy market.

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      The Digital Grid: Unleashed

      The changes to the energy industry are both inevitable and radical. This free report offers recommendations for addressing the needs of a growing worldwide population while simultaneously tackling today’s priority of decarbonising global energy markets. > Read our report on The Digital Grid

      Why work with Schneider Electric?

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        Complete solution offering

        We integrate real-time control for microgrid stability with advanced analytics into a comprehensive, scalable microgrid management system. Our open solutions can be connected with Schneider Electric or third-party systems, for both new and existing infrastructures.

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        Complete life cycle support

        We are a global company with local experts. We accompany you in the different steps of your microgrid journey: from design and audit services, project management and system delivery, to technical support and optimization services during operations.

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