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Mastering crane operations

It is critical to track each coil of steel throughout every phase in the manufacturing process. Because each one represents a unique recipe — no two are exactly the same -- it is essential to intelligently track them, and the materials that comprise them.
  • Solutions

    Smart Crane Control:
    • Tracking and storage management.
    • Fast, efficient crane operation (sway / skew problems).
    • Material traceability and inventory visibility.
  • Value Proposition

    When used with warehouse management and positioning software, our sophisticated crane control solution tracks the position and location of each unit of steel, ensuring full traceability.


  • Engineers in steel forge control room, industrial automation, safety products
    • Higher productivity
    • Precise coil tracking and positioning
    • Less equipment stress
  • Steel worker working at an open electric steel furnace in an industrial foundry, industrial automation, mineral processing
    • Maximized system reliability and availability
    • Improved safety
  • Blast furnace pouring molten steel, mineral processing, manufacturing execution system
    • Reduced operation, maintenance, and repair costs
    • Extended equipment life