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      Easier access to clean water

    women at clean water collection site


    Today in remote villages without energy, people spend approximately 1/3 of their time managing their water needs for domestic or agricultural use. 

    You want to simplify access to water in remote villages without energy access. Water will be easily accessible thanks to automatic solar pumping.
    • Solutions

      With the Water of the Sun system, Schneider Electric provides a fully automatic solar powered water pumping system. The system can pump in a well up to 200 meters without any battery, relying 100% on solar energy and adapting its pumping intensity to the sunshine available.
    • Value Proposition

      Water of the Sun provides continuous water supply. It is compatible with grid mains supply and a wide choice of pumps and solar arrays available on the local market. It works 100 % with renewable energy. This solution is easy-to-install and maintain.
    • Differentiation

      • Tested and validated architecture relying on best-in-class Variable Speed Drive solution from Schneider Electric 
      • Software programming is easy to install and maintain
      • Technical support from Schneider Electric in more than 100 countries
    Men working on renewable energy solar panels and Schneider Electric water tank

    100% solar or hybrid solution

    Water pumping for domestic use and/or irrigation purposes in areas with no grid power or erratic supply of power from grid.
    Optional water treatment unit.


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      • Easier access to water
    • women at clean water collection site
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