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    CPD Training

    Consultants, book your place today on one of our accredited CPD courses.

CPD Certified

We offer a range of training to support your continuing professional development (CPD), either online via www.myenergyuniversity.com or through lunch and learn sessions within your premises.  Please review the lunch and learn courses below and if a particular course you are interested in is not in this list please advise and we will confirm whether we have something in development or not. 

A guide to selecting right meter for your application

It starts with why we need meters/metering, and then provides the common electrical meters in the market. Because of various meters in the market, it gives a guide to how to select right meters for different applications.


Analytics for buildings

The seminar Analytics for Buildings offers an overview of what drives current facility management needs, the subsequent solutions presently on offer, and how Analytics can take that a step further as a managed service. An operative account of the technology is covered, followed by tangible examples on the benefits of implementing this technology. Case studies are discussed.


An overview of primary distribution switchgear and its construction

Seminar provides an overview of primary distribution switchgear and its construction.


An overview of secondary distribution switchgear, its construction and typical protection used

Seminar provides an overview of secondary distribution switchgear, its construction and typical protection used.


An overview of medium voltage switchgear

Seminar provides an overview of MV switchgear, and the types of components that are incorporated into the switchgear cubicle. The presentation also includes internal arc and how that affects the design and safety of operators.


An overview of medium voltage distributions networks

Seminar provides an overview of MV distribution networks, and which type of switchgear, and appropriate protection that could be used.


Cascading and discrimination

Seminar addresses the co-ordination techniques as specified by BSEN 60947-2 and gives a better understanding of cascading, discrimination and limitation effects of circuit breakers.


Eco design regulations of the EU

This seminar examines the transformer evolution and design, and answers questions raised by EU Eco regulations. It addresses the Eco issues affecting the whole supply chain from manufacturer to end user.


Electronic trip units

This seminar explores the advantages of Electronic Protection over the more traditional Thermal/Magnetic in association with MCCBs & ACBs

Forms of separation

This seminar describes the ways in which we define barriers in Electrical switchboards.


Harmonics and their mitigation

This course provides an overview of harmonics and their generators, current and voltage distortion, harmonic mitigation, applicable standards and summarises the course content.


Smart electrical distribution systems

This seminar is designed to overview energy usage within Commercial and Industrial Buildings and technologies that can enable energy and asset management information to be collated from standard installations through the use of intelligent “Smart” products.


Metering: A guide on how to comply with section 6 of the Scottish building regulations.

This presentation guide will help customers to better understand how they can comply to the legislation's that focus on Metering energy use in new & existing non-domestic buildings, in relation to Section 6.


Metering & monitoring systems for power reliability & availability

This seminar focuses on trends in the market as well as the effects on power quality issues on sites. It will cover the standards and regulations that apply to electricity supply and provides guidance on metering devices and monitoring software that applies to this application.


MV/LV network co-ordination

Seminar provides an understanding of the systems used in UK networks. It will provide information on the types of protection available, their limitations and the issues around grading across a distribution transformer with the LV Network.


Part L and metering presentation 2015

This presentation guide will assist delegates to better understand how they can comply to the legislation's that focus on Metering energy use in new and existing non-domestic buildings, in relation to Part L.


Power factor correction and application

This course explains power factor, how power factor corrections works, its typical applications, the benefits and how to select the correct solution and a summaries the course content.


Improving your customer's power quality

This seminar aims to raise awareness for Power Factor and its effects, along with the benefits of improving a system’s power quality. The standards and regulations regarding power quality are summarized and the methods of improving it are explained.

Sustainable BMS - How BMS can help you achieve energy reductions and meet regulatory compliance

This brief seminar looks at some some recently introduced regulations, including ISO50001, ESOS, BREEAM, DECs, and Soft Landings, with the aim of educating the attendees on the key aspects of each of these regulations, and an overview of the routes to compliance. The seminar also discusses how different solutions (hardware, software, and services alike) can help contribute towards compliance.


The future of buildings - How BMS can future proof your investments

This seminar looks at the trends that are shaping the future of buildings, starting from Big Data to Open Protocols. With over 50 billion devices expected to connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) worldwide by 2020, connectivity is fast becoming a key focus in systems.

Transformers, design and basic concepts

An introduction to transformers; types; designs; construction and maintenance as well as why Eco Regulations affect transformer design.

Understanding fire ratings for Busbar

This seminar is designed to overview fire ratings of products within Commercial and Industrial Buildings