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    Electrical distribution network Assessment: MP4

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MP4 consulting services: a plant wide assessment Shed light on your electrical installation! Get 4 detailed plans to improve your electrical installation: Management, Monitoring, Maintenance, Modernisation Plans: MP4 services improve safety, reliability and performance.

4 plans to optimize your operating expenditure

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  • Solutions

    MP4 consulting Services is a 4-steps plant wide electrical assessment, delivered in 1 or 2 weeks by our expert consultants, in order to support you in the maintenance, modernization, monitoring and management of your entire electrical infrastructure.
  • Value Proposition

    A plant-plant wide electrical network assessment to define an improvement and risk management program: 

    • Have a resilient installation at all times 
    • Optimize investments and guarantee a long-lasting installation 
    • Plan your maintenance
    • Anticipate the Future
  • Differentiation

    • Recommendations delivered by Schneider Electric electrical experts
    • Structured methodology ensuring continuous quality and enabling worldwide replication 
    • Multi site recommendations with the same level of quality and expertise all around the world