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    Operate & maintain the electrical network

    Achieve top performance and availability while effectively controlling costs.

  • Manage your capital expenditure trough planned preventive maintenance!

    Energy continuity is critical on large sites. We help you to insure continuity of your process with minimum down time and manage your budget.

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    We help you maximize your installation uptime and effectively control your CapEx. Our services allow you to adopt the right best practices and minimize downtime while working with limited budgetary and maintenance resources.
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    Get more value from your electrical assets

    Ensure your peace of mind with routine maintenance or the right maintenance plan

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Services icon Our broad range of services are designed to: Maximize electrical reliability, extend equipment life, enhance workplace safety, and improve energy efficiency. As global energy management specialists, we have extensive knowledge in electrical distribution maintenance
    • Default Alternative Text Because every business is different, services plans are adaptable Schneider Electric experts work with you to create a maintenance & training program that fits to your technical and financial situation