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    Acti9 Isobar P - Cut installation time by 50%

    Our market leading Acti9 Isobar P Distribution Boards allow for split neutral cabling and a neutral phase plug-on system for quick RCBO installation.

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Technological innovation drives productivity.

Schneider Electric’s Acti9 Isobar P cuts installation times by around 50% and leverages connected technologies that allow users to instantly monitor the health and energy usage of their distribution boards. Save time, save money, save energy.

- 50% installation time saving
- Designed and manufactured in the UK
- Innovation delivering unrivalled productivity
- Enhanced safety and reliability
- Smart and Connected
- Full 5 year warranty.

The Acti9 Isobar P is also available in Standard, Split Metered, Meter Ready, Multi-Service and Heavy-Duty variants with full IP2X internal protection.

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  • When we say fast, we mean it See how simple, tidy and significantly faster installations are with the new Acti9 Isobar P. We visited G&H Group of Companies in Leeds and filmed an installation with and without this new solution, and this short video shows the difference it makes. > Enter virtual demo room
  • What makes Acti9 Isobar the market leader? We asked some of our colleagues what they contribute to make Acti9 Isobar the market leader that it is. From engineering and manufacturing, to quality and testing, we explore the practices and methods that make Acti9 the premium solution it is today. > Product configurator

Acti9 Isobar P brochure

Acit9 Isobar P distribution boards now offer new and unparalleled reliability, protection and simplified installation whilst building on our existing market leading Isobar solutions.
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Benefits for Contractors and Specifiers

  • Contractors

    • Installation time savings (up to 50%) – due to the Plug-on RCBO
    • Enhanced levels of protection - Full IP2X rating
    • Unparalleled reliable connections thanks to the RCBO plug-on system
    • Less cables and cabling errors
    • No need to cut, dress or terminate any RCBO functional wires
    • Quick and Easy to install, reducing the need of off-site assembly
    • It uses all Acti9 Isobar solutions: MBCs, RCBOs, etc
    • Connectivity for asset management and analysing.

  • Specifiers

    • Compliance with regulations
    • Complete solution
    • Smart connectivity
    • Access to information to aid asset management
    • Simplify specification process
    • Differentiation from competitors
    • Latest technologies and solutions that gives an edge.

Product Comparison

Features Isobar P Isobar KQ
Plug on Neutral RCBO (PoN)
Plug on RCBO - Functional Earth plug on connections
Wireless PoN - Plug on RCBO
IP2X internal Protection
Switchable Neutral
Power Tag wireless energy sensor for all going devices
Less terminals to torque test
Increased cabling space
Isolation of outgoing ways (Isobar & interlock)
5 Year Distribution board warranty registration
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