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  • Online data center planning made easy with TradeOff Tools

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Online data center planning made easy with TradeOff Tools

The Schneider Electric™ Data Center Science Center has developed a series of easy to use online planning tools.If your customer is either building a new data center, adding capacity, improving efficiency, planning a consolidation/ virtualization project, trying to reduce operating expenses, or refurbishing an older data center, these tools can help.

Most of the tools consist of just one screen, with one side of the screen for inputs and the other for outputs. Below is a summary of a few of the TradeOff Tools™ and the support they offer:

  • Data center efficiency calculator – This tool shows how various design decisions and operating conditions affect the efficiency and electrical costs of a typical generic data center. As the user inputs details regarding the power and cooling configuration, results are calculated based on a tested and validated three parameter model.
  • Virtualization energy cost calculator – This tool illustrates the energy savings resulting from the virtualization of servers within a data center. The tool allows the user to input data regarding load, number of servers, energy cost, and other data center elements. Both the “as is” and “to be” characteristics can be entered as inputs.
  • Capital cost calculator – By identifying load, redundancy, density, and key power and cooling characteristics, this tool can project the number of racks required, the floor space required, and the overall capital costs.
  • IT carbon and energy allocation calculator – This tool helps data center operators assign carbon and energy costs to IT users. The tool helps IT users to make smarter decisions regarding costs as they consider options such as virtualization and server retirement.

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