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  • Busy Las Vegas airport unveils new security innovations

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Leading edge Pelco by Schneider Electric video security solutions are part of the new Las Vegas airport, Terminal 3 facility.

McCarran International Airport’s rapid growth over the last several years has driven the need to enhance the airport facilities. Over 41 million visitors pass through this Las Vegas, Nevada airport on an annual basis, and such a volume requires the support of sophisticated security systems.

The recent opening of the airport’s Terminal 3, a new 1.9 million-square-foot complex, boasts some of the airline industry’s latest technologies. Self-boarding gates, self-service baggage check, automated aircraft docking, and leading edge Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ video security solutions are all part of the new Terminal 3 facility.

As the first unit terminal to be constructed in the United States in the post-9/11 era, the security of Terminal 3 was of utmost importance. McCarran opted to expand its existing Pelco Endura™ IP video management system (VMS) and added more than 960 Spectra™ and Sarix™ cameras.

“We have been using Pelco equipment for over a decade and have always been pleased with our results,” said David Bourgon, manager of the airport’s IT services. “Pelco has been a good partner so selecting their Endura system for Terminal 3 was a no-brainer.”

Simple and flexible airport security management 
The Pelco by Schneider Electric security cameras view all public and employee areas, security checkpoints, ramps, baggage systems, and parking facilities. This includes 14 gates, an expansive ticketing lobby, two Transportation Security Administration checkpoints, U.S. Customs and Border Protection areas, an eight-story garage with room for nearly 6,000 vehicles, and more than a dozen stores and restaurants.

As the seventh-busiest airport in the United States, McCarran provides video access to multiple agencies and groups using Endura permission settings and the system’s ability to accept unlimited user profiles. Cameras, network video recorders and storage devices all work together to provide the level of security needed across the Terminal 3 complex.

“Not all groups are authorized to view all cameras so the permission settings allow our security division to establish many different levels of access,” Bourgon said.

The Terminal 3 expansion more than doubled the amount of cameras throughout the airport, making it more difficult to determine the location of individual cameras. But using the Endura Mapping application, McCarran was able to integrate the system with its extensive geographical information system maps, which created easy reference points for locating cameras.

“This has greatly enhanced our system,” Bourgon said. “Users can pull up a map of an area at the airport and visibly see all the cameras in that area. They can then click on a camera and instantly see the view.”

Scalable solution allows for low cost expansion
McCarran’s Endura system can scale to thousands of cameras so the accommodation of additional cameras for Terminal 3 was a simple task. With the addition of high-definition IP cameras, McCarran is able to secure the clear images and detailed views it requires. The Endura system is also integrated with its automated tram system that operates between terminals and satellite gates, as well as its physical access control system.

The Department of Aviation handled the configuration and integration of the Terminal 3 expansion with its existing Endura equipment, while the new Spectra and Sarix cameras were installed by multiple entities. “This was a huge cost savings and provided a big benefit to the airport,” Bourgon said.

Bourgon said they are constantly looking to expand and enhance the airport’s video security system and are planning to add another 150 cameras in the near future. They also plan to swap out older analog cameras and systematically change them out to take advantage of the quality and benefits of Sarix and Spectra IP cameras.

Customer benefits

  • Scalable system made expansion easy
  • Unlimited user profiles allows access for multiple agencies
  • Built-in redundancies for 24/7 operation
  • Broad integration of the airport’s tram and access control systems
  • Endura Mapping application allows cameras to be easily located
  • HD cameras provide more detailed views
  • SureVision technology provides better images in low-lighting conditions

Check out more case studies and how Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ scalable systems can benefit your facility.
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Check out more case studies and how Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ scalable systems can benefit your facility.
Learn more

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