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  • Announcing a more versatile three-phase UPS for critical applications

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As the worldwide leader in power protection, Schneider Electric™ is the one to turn to for the widest range of three-phase UPS solutions for all data center, facility, and industrial applications. Whether you need robustness, performance, customization, or cost-effectiveness, there’s a Schneider Electric UPS to suit your specific business needs.

You’ll find Schneider Electric products in different environments from data centers to airports to hospitals, supporting IT and other mission-critical loads with the reliability you expect and depend on.

A closer look at these versatile UPS units:

  • Data centers and facility applications: Our adaptable UPS products offer performance three-phase power protection with high active power density and adaptability to meet the unique requirements of very large data centers, buildings, and other mission-critical environments.
  • Airport applications: We offer a variety of UPS models to turn to for a mission-critical airport solution that protects baggage handling, passenger security systems, emergency lighting, data center, and air traffic radar and data. These units help maintain the 24/7 hustle and bustle of airports worldwide.
  • Health care applications: There’s no question that hospitals worldwide are going digital. With patient care on the line, there’s no room for downtime. Customized three-phase protection is available for hospital data centers, utility rooms, building management systems, and hospital-specific applications such as radiology/imaging rooms to help ensure optimal, reliable patient-facing support.

Solutions are available as well for railways, power plants, security systems, hydroelectric applications, and more! With a large selection of UPS units to choose from, you have a wide range of three-phase options.

Which UPS is right for you? Learn more about our three-phase UPS offerings, today!
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