portal axis PAS B - profile size 60x60 - toothed belt - rollers

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  • Main
    Range of product
    Lexium PAS
    Product or component type
    Portal axis
    Product specific application
    For 1 direction
    Load position
    On carriage
    Drive type
    Toothed belt
    Guide type
    Operating position
    Function available
    Different types of motor mounting
    Protective metal strip
    Anti-static belt
    Anti-corrosion version proof enhance
    Different types of carriage adapted to the load
    Different types of sensors for the limit switch function
    1 to 3 carriages
    Operating force
    660 N for Fy
    430 N for Fz
    800 N for Fx
    Maximum speed
    8 m/s
    Maximum acceleration
    20 m/s²
    Max. drive torque
    20 N.m
    Max. torque
    <9 N.m for Mx
    <18 N.m for My (carriage type 1)
    <31 N.m for My (carriage type 2)
    <56 N.m for My (carriage type 4)
    <28 N.m for Mz (carriage type 1)
    <48 N.m for Mz (carriage type 2)
    <87 N.m for Mz (carriage type 4)
    Min. … Max. stroke
    125…5500 mm
    Repeat accuracy
    +/- 0.05 mm
    Outer dimension
    60 x 60 mm
    Service life
    30000 km
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
  • Documents and Downloads

    • English
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    Lexium Cartesian Robots - Portal Axes (Version 1.0)
    User guide
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    PAS4xB Toothed belt axis Product manual (Version 2.05)
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