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AS-Interface - modular - extended A/B - 4 I - IP20

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  • Main
    range of product
    product or component type
    Modular interface
    Extended A/B
    number of addresses
    discrete input number
    Sensor: via AS-Interface line
    actuator sensor interface profile [AS-i]
    range compatibility
    AS-Interface cabling system
    AS-Interface compatibility
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    26.5...31.6 V DC for AS-Interface line
    maximum sensor supply current
    170 mA
    current consumption
    <= 50 mA on inputs/outputs on and sensor not energised for AS-Interface line
    15 mA on no load for AS-Interface line
    input compatibility
    2 or 3-wire PNP conforming to IEC 61131-2 Type 2
    voltage state 1 guaranteed
    > 11 V for sensor side
    current state 1 guaranteed
    >= 6 mA (sensor side)
    voltage state 0 guaranteed
    < 5 V for sensor side
    current state 0 guaranteed
    <= 2 mA (sensor side)
    switching time
    1 ms at OFF to ON for actuator side
    1 ms at ON to OFF for actuator side
    output fallback position
    State 0 if watchdog tripped
    parameter bits
    Not used
    overvoltage category
    II conforming to EN/IEC 60664-1
    electrical connection
    Removable terminal block for AS-Interface line
    Removable terminal block for sensor side
    fixing mode
    By 2 screws diameter: 3 mm on panel
    Clip-on on 35 mm symmetrical DIN rail, operating position: horizontal
    housing material
    flame retardance
    V0 conforming to UL 94
    local signalling
    AS-Interface power on: 1 LED (green)
    Auxiliary supply on: 1 LED (green)
    No data exchange on AS-Interface (on steady), peripheral fault (flashing): 1 LED (red)
    Input status: 4 LEDs (yellow)
    net weight
    0.09 kg
    product certifications
    AS-Interface No 52501
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -20…60 °C
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40…85 °C
    IP degree of protection
    IP20 conforming to EN/IEC 60529
    shock resistance
    15 gn for 11 ms conforming to EN/IEC 60068-2-27
    vibration resistance
    +/-1 mm (f = 2…13.2 Hz)
    1 gn (f = 13.2…100 Hz)
    resistance to electrostatic discharge
    6 kV conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-2
    resistance to radiated fields
    10 V/m conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-3
    resistance to fast transients
    2 kV conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-4
    pollution degree
    2 conforming to EN/IEC 60664-1
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
  • Documents and Downloads

    • English
    Declaration of conformity
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    ASI20 Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) DoC (Version 1.0)
    End of Life Information
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    ASI20M... IP20 AS-INTERFACE, Product End-of-Life Instructions (Version 1.0)
    Product Environmental Profile
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    ASI20M... IP20 AS-INTERFACE, Product Environmental Profile (Version 1.0)
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