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Acti 9 NG125

High performance Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 125 A

Enhancing protection in industrial and tertiary buildings, the Din Rail Modular Circuit Breakers provide you with optional auxiliaries, a choice of breaking capacities and tripping curves and come fully certified by national official authorities.

Acti 9 NG125
  • Features

    The high performance Miniature Circuit Breakers have been designed to stand up to even the toughest industrial installations.
    • Nominal current: 10 to 125 A.
    • Provides the user with a large choice of breaking capacities and tripping curves: B, C, D...
    • Fully Compliant with standards: IEC 60947-2, as certified by national official authorities.
    • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards: IEC 60947.
    • Operating voltage: up to 500 Vac.
    • Insulation voltage: 690 V.
    • Provides installers with optional add-on earth leakage modules: Vigi NG125.
    • Several optional auxiliaries: indication of state and tripping, shunt trip, undervoltage trip, overvoltage trip.


    Maximum performance in miniature format, the Din Rail Modular circuit breaker expertly combines simplicity with reliability.
    • Ideal if you’re looking to add protection to industrial buildings.
    • Highly suitable for tertiary buildings.
    • Highly robust.
    • Perfect for even the most demanding electrical installations.
    • Provides installer with the simplicity of modular installation.


    Designed with providing essential protection to industrial and tertiary buildings in mind.
    • Incoming protection in modular enclosure.
    • Outgoers in power switchboards.


    • Miniature cicuit breaker-NG125-2P-range02.jpg
    • NG125 - Din rail miniature circuit breaker, 4 poles
    • NG125 - Din rail miniature circuit breaker, 1 pole
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