TeSys SK

Contactors for starting single and 3 phase motors up to 2.2kW. 2 pole relays and clip on auxiliary block.

Control Relays

TeSys SK
  • Features


    • LC1SK06 suitable for single phase motors up to 1.1kW 230V and switching 12A AC1 heating loads.
    • LC1SKGC suitable for single and three phase motor duty and switching 20A AC1 heating loads.
    • A variety of control circuit voltages to meet most customer needs
    • A very adaptable product as an add-on power pole converts a 2 pole unit to 3 pole
    • A variety of add on auxiliary contacts allows the user to meet all his design variations
    • Suppression of the coil is achieved with a simple plug in device.
    • A 2 pole contactor is only 27mm wide which is 40% smaller than an equivalent 3 pole contactor
    • Can be used to switch single or 3 phase motors

    Control Relay

    2 pole relays and clip on auxiliary block suitable for use with AC or DC control circuit voltages. Also in theoffer a relay with alternating contacts which only change state each time the coil is energised.

    Can be used on any control circuit application where space is at a premium. The relay with alternating contacts makes it possible to automatically split the operating time between 2 circuits of a redundant system and so by regularly energising the ‘safety circuits’, it makes it possible to ensure they are operating correctly. 


    • Control circuit voltages
    • AC CA2SK 
    • DC CA3SK 
    • Variety of auxiliary contacts
    • Choice of coil suppressors  
    • Only 27mm wide


    Heating, lighting and motor loads in light industrial or commercial applications