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Canalis KSR

Canalis KS rising main distributes power to each floor in multilevel buildings. Modular system: upgradeable.

Busbar Trunking for Rising Main Applications

Canalis KSR
  • Features

    The Canalis KS rising main distributes power to each floor in multilevel buildings such as office blocks, hotels, hospitals and car parks.

    Features include:

    • Specifically designed straight lengths available in two sizes, have three or four tap-off outlets, all on the same side
    • Custom length fire barriers installed at each floor level eliminate the risk of fire propagation from one floor to another for a minimum of 2 hours.
    • Length of busbar components: 2m and 2.5m
    • Rated busbar trunking current: 100 to 1000A
    • Rated tap-off units current: 25 to 400A
    • Number of active conductors: 4 + PE
    • Protection index: IP55
    • Vast choice of tap off units rated 25 to 400A including BS88 fused, MCCB's and fuseswitch all supplied with factory fitted devices
    • Fully type tested solution


    • Modular system: Upgradeable
    • Quick and easy assembly: Efficient
    • Can install a tap off without interruption to supply: Flexible
    • Safety features prevent a unit being installed or removed incorrectly: Safe
    • Excellent quality contacts: Life-time guarantee
    • Easily dismantled and re-used: Recyclable


    • Warehouse/distribution centres
    • Offices
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail outlets
    • Supermarkets
    • Hotels
    • Data centres
    • Logistics centres
    • Educational establishments
    • Healthcare
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