TeSys D

Reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 75 kW/400 V and 250 A/AC1.

Contactor & Control Relays

TeSys D
  • Features


    • AC, DC, low-consumption DC control circuit
    • All types of starter: reversing or non-reversing, star/delta, by auto-transformer, etc
    • Connectors: spring terminal, EverLink terminal block, screw clamp, ring-type connection, Faston connector
    • Easy and simple direct mounting beetween contactor and circuit breaker, according to  EverLink terminal block (from 40 to 65 A).

    Control Relay

    Relays with 5 poles as standard with 10A thermally rated contacts suitable for AC or DC control voltages. In addition a DC control circuit version with low consumption and built in suppression is available.

    • 10A thermal contacts with operation down to 17V 5mA 
    • Five pole with AC or DC operation 
    • Variety of auxiliary contacts, timer modules and latching blocks
    • Four connection types: - Screw clamp – Ring - Quick-fit spring terminal – Fast-on connectors



    In addition to its new look, the TeSys D contactor offers you quick simple setup, while maintaining a compact size of 45 and 55 mm (40 to 65 A) as well as compliance with international standards.

    From 40 to 65 A versions are equiped with EverLink, this new patented terminal technology, assures a permanent tightening quality even in the event of conductor creep.


    Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:

    • TeSys D contactors have been designed for perfect integration in control systems
    • They can be used to create motor starters for any type of application.
    • Switching contactor or relay coils
    • Powering control and signalling equipment