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Compact PSP

The Compact PSP is aimed at islands of signal assets where a conventional PSP would not be cost effective. - Principle Supply Point

Railway Signalling Power

Compact PSP
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    The UK rail market is faced with increasing demand from passenger travel, the rail freight industry and the ongoing need for asset replacement of the network whilst ensuring safety, security and reliability. Rail operators need intelligent solutions to monitor, control and optimise the electrical assets on the rail network.

    The Compact PSP is aimed at Islands of Signal assets where a conventional PSP would not be cost effective.

    Designed to use the standard Location Case foundation, each principal supply point will provide up to five outgoing signal power supplies from a Single DNO feeder. Provision has been made for a generator to connected via a socket. If the DNO supply is lost a 10/16 kVA UPS will provide power for up to 15 minutes.

    As required by the regulations the IT earthed signal supplies are monitored for earth faults.

    Manufactured in the UK this Compact PSP complements the Schneider Functional Supply Points already in service with Network Rail.


    Signalling supplies up to 20kVA at a fraction of the cost of a conventional PSP in a REB type building or ISO container
    • Flexibility in positioning is increased and costs significantly reduced
    • Alternatives of single phase and three phase incoming and outgoing signalling supplies.
    • Provides one, two or three secure signalling power supplies up to 650V a.c.. 
    • Power supply; DNO with changeover to standby/mobile generator UPS with integral bypass switching, automatic UPS bypass and signalling transformer(s).
    • Standard 10 minutes reserve supply; longer autonomy with additional batteries in a second location case.
      Internal environment of Compact PSP managed to ensure normal operation under extreme climatic conditions
    • Local display and remote monitoring via an integral RTU of essential aspects including, alarms, faults and power consumption and quality, provides opportunity for continuous surveillance and early indication changes.

    Schneider Electric offers an innovative, integrated offer to the rail industry. The Principal Supply Point offers signalling supplies of up to 20kVA at a fraction of the cost of a conventional principle supply point in a REB type building or ISO container.