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Compact NSX DC & DC PV

Molded case circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors for DC applications with a specific version for photovoltaic applications - Direct Current

Moulded case circuit breaker

Compact NSX DC & DC PV
  • Features

    The Compact NSX DC range of Circuit breakers and switches is designed for DC voltages from 24 to 750 V and offers:
    • A wide selection of models suited to many applications (1 to 4 poles up to 160 A, 2 poles from 630 A to 1200 A)
    • High breaking capacities with four performance levels from 36 kA to 100 kA
    • Fewer frame sizes: just two pole pitches (35 and 45 mm) for easy integration in installation systems (enclosure, machines, etc.)
    • Accessories for insulation and series or parallel connection of pole, suited to the particularities of DC applications
    • Fixed and withdrawable versions (3 and 4 poles, DC type)
    The Compact NSX DC PV range includes circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors for photovoltaic applications with Voc up to 1000V (Compact NSX DC PV), equipped with a complete range of connection and insulation accessories (pole connections equipped with heat sinks, phase barriers, terminal shields):
    • 4-pole circuit breakers for multi-array installation, isolating PV sub-arrays and protecting them from reverse current. Ratings from 80 to 500 A
    • 4-pole switch-disconnectors for array isolation or as main switch. Ratings from 100 to 1500 A


    • Safety and protection
    • Simplicity of installation and use
    • Molded case with common accesories and auxiliaries for AC and DC ranges


    Protection and control of low voltage DC distribution systems.
    Dedicated version designed for PV applications (Compact NSX DC PV).