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Motion control module for Modicon Premium. The new TSX CSY 85/TjE range comprises a module capable of controlling up to 8 axes.

Motion control - controller

  • Features

    Multi-axis control
    The new TSX CSY 85/TjE range comprises a module capable of controlling up to 8 axes, based on complex interpolation trajectories produced using the TjE software.
    Software : tracing a dazzling trajectory
    TjE proposes edition and visualization functions and manages the movements of groups of 2 or 3 axes. It offers interpolation functions for:
    Linear trajectories
    • Simple
    • With a 3rd or 5th degree polynomial interpolation connection between segments
    • With a circular interpolation connection between segments
      (data from: radius or centre)
    Circular trajectory
    • Trajectories are described at their maximum tangential speed, taking into account all the limits (acceleration, maximum speed) of each of the axes.


    Curves in Harmony

    Design and create any type of trajectory. The simple "Trajectory Editor (TjE)” software provides you with a
    user-friendly GUI for defining interpolated trajectories. Smart, the TSX CSY 85 module manages and interpretes data with the aim of synchronizing axis movements, while ensuring maximum acceleration, speed and trajectory.


    • Machines builders
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