MV compact switchboard (Ring Main Unit) up to 36kV for wind farms

Ring main units

  • Features

    DVCAS switchgears functional groups have been designed as compact units, and built as the union of modular switchgears.

    Each of the modular functions is composed of:

    • Metal base frame
    • Operating mechanism and relay compartment
    • MV cable compartment
    • Stainless steel, gas-tight cubicle which uses SF6 gas as insulating medium and houses the busbar system and the breaking devices.

    General electrical/Constructive data:

    • Frequency Hz 50
    • Rated voltage kV 36
    • Insulation level
      > Power frequency withstand voltage kV 70
      > Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV peak 170
    • Rated current of the main busbar A 630
    • Short time withstand current kA/s 20/3
    • Short circuit breaking current capacity kA 20
    • Short circuit making capacity kA peak 50
    • Internal arc withstand IAC AFL kA/1s 20
    • Degree of protection
      > HV compartment IP 67
      > LV and operating mechanism compartment IP 3X
    • SF6 gas pressure at 20ºC bar 0.3

    For other values, please consult Schneider Electric.


    The Wind Main Unit

    Choosing DVCAS switchgears ensures installations safety through the experience of a world leader in the field of wind power.

    Experience in wind farms

    • More than 8200 transformer substations
    • More than 450 collecting substations
    • More than 10500 MW.

    Advantages of the DVCAS range

    • Maximum availability: service continuity
    • Minimum width: < 600 mm
    • Maximum safety conditions for staff personnel
    • Environment insensitivity: SF6 insulation
    • Certificates: IEC
    • Approved quality: ISO 9001:2000
    • Environmentally friendly: ISO 14001:2004
    • Simple installation
    • Economical.


    • DVCAS switchgears have been specifically designed to meet all the needs of networks up to 36 kV, inside wind farms.
    • These DVCAS switchgears can be installed in wind farms up to 2000 m over the sea level.