ClimaSys CV

Forced ventilation - Climate Control


ClimaSys CV
  • Features

    Specially recommended for installations in which:

    • The ambient temperature is lower than the desired temperature inside the enclosure.
    • A high protection rating is required: IP 54 or IP 55.
    • The surrounding environment is relatively clean, allowing air to enter the enclosure.

    Large range of solutions

    • 42 possible combinations.
    • Colours: RAL 7035 as standard, with the option of changing to RAL 7032 (with replacement grille <em>NSYCAG***LPC.
    • 38 to 850 m3/h.
    • According to 5 input voltages:
      - AC: 400/440 V, 230 V, 115 V (50/60 Hz),
      - DC: 48 V and 24 V.
    • Broad range of accessories (filters, IP 55 & EMC covers, anti-vandalism kit).
    • Certifications: CUL.

    New Modular slim FanBox

    • 230 VAC, 115VAC & 24VDC
    • Free flow rate: 550m3/h (50/60Hz)
    • Maximal flow rate in IP55 (with G3 filter)
    • Minimal 100mm depth
    • Dissipates up to 1500W of heat energy
    • Made of non-conducting plastic
    • UL approval


    High performance at low cost!

    • Economic solution
    • Easy maintenance
    • Quick and easy installation
    • High protection rating: IP54 and/or IP55

    • Modular slim fan design saves space with flexible mounting options
    • Up to 67% space saved
    • Multiple cooling architectures for maximum versatility (S-line, T-line and I-line)


    In industrial atmospheres with high degrees of pollution you have to:

    • Install ventilation systems with integrated filters.
    • Specific filters for each working environment.
    • Perform regular maintenance.