Harmony XB5S

Biometric switches Ø 22 with fingerprint reader. No password or no losing the key.

Pilot devices

Harmony XB5S
  • Features

    A competitive alternative to the drawbacks of the other access control systems: no password to be remembered, no losing or forgetting of key.

    Maximum infallibility

    • Use of the most trustworthy technology: optical sensor.
    • Robustness suited to industry: excellent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, EMC protection, IP65…
    • Memory capacity: 200 recorded fingerprints.
    • Autonomy and anonymity guaranteed.


    • Fully stand-alone, including programming and operation. No supplementary interface required, all operations are performed directly on the front face of the product. 
    • Compactness: mounting in standard Ø 22 mm cut-out.
    • Quick connection using bared wires or M12 connector.

     Rationalisation of costs

    • Less maintenance and machine downtime.
    • Elimination of costs associated with the administration or
      loss of keys, cards, badges…


    Mastering your access control

    Simple, reliable and efficient, the Harmony bio-metric switch enables the restriction of access to sensitive zones and machine functions to only authorised personnel.



    • Specific or dangerous processes
    • Servicing or setting-up processes
    • Switching machine to maintenance mode
    • Resetting following activation of an emergency stop
    • Restricting access to HMI settings