Talus T100

Secondary distribution substation controller, providing the network gateway to substation equipment.

Remote Terminal Unit

Talus T100
  • Features

    The Talus T100 is designed for energy distribution monitoring and/or control in secondary distribution substations.  This secondary distribution substation controller is available as an OEM device or a packaged unit, including a cubicle and power supply. Technical details include:

    • Data Manipulation
    • I/O capacity
    • Digital inputs up to 16 or 40 SOE
    • Other I/O via external Modbus interfaces 
    • 4 serial ports
    • 3x RS232 / RS485
    • 1x RS232
    • Time and event-based derivation blocks
    • Configured via PC or Bluetooth


    • Can be used with existing switchgear equipment – Ideal for retrofit
    • Programmable with ISaGRAF IEC61131-3 software – Adaptable
    • Supports wide range of communication protocols – Flexible
    • Programmable with local automation - Integrated


    • Commercial buildings
    • Industrial buildings