Talus C10e

Primary distribution substation controller. providing the network gateway to substation equipment.

Remote Terminal Unit

Talus C10e
  • Features

    The Talus C10e offers an integrated or co-ordinated approach to primary distribution substation control, providing the network gateway to substation equipment.

    • Can communicate and manage IEDs and Sepam relays
    • Programmable automation functions
    • Supports other Talus RTUs
    • 4x 10/100mB Ethernet ports
    • 8x serial ports: o5x RS232 o3x RS485


    • Master station capable of supporting multiple satellite RTUs: Support network
    • Complies with rigorous EMC requirements: Robust
    • IP based controller: Increased communication
    • Secure control outputs: Safe
    • Many protocols supported: Flexible
    • Programmable with ISaGRAF IEC61131-3 software: Integrates easily
    • Racked based system supporting hundreds of I/Os: Large capabilities


    • Well suited for large SCADA applications
    • Suitable for both greenfield and retrofit applications
    • Data manipulation
    • Automatic distribution network reconfiguration