Twinbreak & Quadbreak

Switch disconnector fuse up to 100A & Fuse switch disconnector up to 630A

Enclosed switchgear

Twinbreak & Quadbreak
  • Features

    The range of industrial fusegear provides an ideal solution where rugged, heavy duty equipment is required to withstand the heaviest of use.  

    • Mounting devices on the busbar chambers are offered as part of the range
    • Switchboards can be built to suit the current requirements of the installation, while also allowing for future extensions
    • The design of the product permits a Form 4 board to be made up on site, as all circuits are separately terminated and glanded off in their own enclosures
    • Supplied complete with fuse links
    • Padlockable handles  
    • Positive contact indication


    • Available with busbar chambers: Easy assembly
    • Rigid steel construction: Durable
    • Door interlock: Secure
    • Fully shrouded live terminals: Safe


    • Industrial
    • Commercial