Provides a point of distribution up to 500 amps, with or without fused incoming isolation, - Distribution Board

Indoor LV Distribution up to 500 amps

  • Features

    The MODE range provides a point of distribution, with or without fused incoming isolation, with fused distribution to tariff meters. 

    • Safety is a high priority – operators are protected to IPXXB with the door open
    • Reliability assured through both the one-piece comb busbar design of the MODE units and rigorous temperature rise testing
    • Staggered outgoing phase banks increase cabling access and make multiple cable termination easy though an optional range of outgoing pre-drilled gland plates, which include either conical plastic grommets or stuffing glands


    • Ventilated enclosure provides natural convectional cooling allowing to operate in smaller spaces.
    • Fully catalogued offer with drawings, technical details and price list for convenient order placing: Flexibility
    • Fully temperature rise tested: Peace of mind
    • Reduced installation time: Ease of installation


    • Multiple occupancy residences
    • Commercial buildings
    • Offices.