Miniature circuit breakers up to 63 amp or use in KQII distribution boards

10kA rated in B,C,D curves

  • Features

    We provide a wide range of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) for use in KQII distribution boards and loose enclosures with current rating from 3A up to 125A.

    • KQ MCBs are available up to 63A, B, C or D curve with a breaking capacity of 10kA
    • Accepts cables as large as 35mm2
    • Provides a single or three phase compact solution
    • Protection of circuits for overloads, earth faults and short circuit
    • Can be plugged on to KQ or KQII distribution boards


    KQ loadcentre with metering and integral control gives a Modular solution which is Flexible and an cater for the most installations