Acti 9 Isobar P - B Type

Three Phase Distribution boards

Acti9 Isobar P B Type is a complete range of type tested three phase distribution boards for commercial and industrial applications, available in Standard, Split Metered, Meter Ready, Multi-Service and Heavy Duty variants

Acti 9 Isobar P - B Type
  • Features

    Acti9 Isobar is a complete range of three phase distribution boards for commercial and industrial applications.

    BS EN 61439-3 | IEC 61439-3

    • Standard distribution boards up to 24 ways
    • Meter ready distribution boards up to 24 ways
    • Split metered distribution boards up to 22 ways
    • Any outgoing way can be converted to switch the neutral
    • Fully type tested conditional short circuit rating of 25kA to BS EN 61439-3
    • High performance MCB 10kA BS EN 60898 15kA BS EN 60947-2 in B, C or D curve 1, 2, 3, 4 pole
    • 250A busbar rating
    • Isobar disconnection to BS EN 60947-3 ensuring unused outgoing ways are isolated
    • Option of switching outgoing neutral on all boards using distributed neutral kit
    • Terminal block for feeding up to 100A
    • Range of incomers: switch disconnectors, residual current devices, terminal blocks, MCCB
    • Single pole wire-less RCBO ( Isobar P only )
    • Single pole wired RCBO
    • Full IP2X shrouding Isobar P only
    • Full range of device accessories and auxiliaries
    • Knockouts for cable gland and conduit mixed to suit the installation needs without loss of space
    • Removable insulated pan assembly
    • Fully shrouded neutral
    • Split neutral bars
    • Removable gland plates
    • Optional metering, dual supply and contactor on incoming
    • Metered extension enclosures
    • Connectivity with MCB, RCBO and MCCB Powertag wireless energy sensors


    Efficiency for your customers, and theirs!

    Isobar P offers connectivity with the wider Acti9 offer, including control and command, flexibility and metering and power distribution - providing the efficiency your customers deserve.

    • Designed for Protection, even in the most demanding environments.
    • Safety matters most and Acti9 Isobar P gives you, your customers and their installations the highest level of protection available.
    • Offering unparalleled levels of Protection and operational performance.
    • Connectivity to enable you to monitor, control, optimize and protect the life of your assets


    Final circuit single phase or single phase and neutral low voltage distribution, typical loads serviced;
    Motors, General Power, HVAC, Critical Power
    Generally supplied by a panel board or switchboard, systems are designed to ensure supply
    continuity (discrimination) and enhanced performance. (cascading)