Harmony XVR

Ø 84 to 130 mm pre-wired rotating/flashing beacons in numerous styles or custom to your requirements

Pre-cabled rotating mirror Ø 84 to 130 mm

Harmony XVR
  • Features

    Rotating mirrors Ø 84 à 130 mm

    • Simplicity and speed of installation thanks to pre-cabled and pre-assembled products
    • Base mount: 3 x 05 ou 3 x 09
    • Source light: LED
      - guaranteed long life and maintenance free thanks to high resistance of LEDs to mechanical shock and vibration
      - energy saving design with low power consumption
    • Up to IP 66
    • Color of illuminated units: Red,  Yellow, Green, Blue
    • Voltage: AC/DC 24V ( DC 12/24 V : XVR13)
    • Buzzer in option
    • Standards and certifications: CE, UR, UL
    • Manufactured in conformity with the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) European Directive.


    Featuring numerous styles, diameters (Ø 84 to Ø 130 mm) and colors, this simple and efficient offer guaranteed to you distance-view information for improving your productivity. We can produce tailor-made.


    • Industrial vehicles, industrial processes, paper manufacture, buildings...