Merten System M

Unlimited possibilities

One system that can be customized for every need

Merten System M
  • Features

    A switch range that delivers functionality, comfort, efficiency, and intelligence.
    Flexible, technically innovative, and designed to perfection - Merten System M is the ideal solution for all living spaces.

    A wealth of options and immaculate designs that suit all tastes and styles:

    Merten M-Elegance
    It is the color, form, and choice of materials that make a product unique and special. Whether glass, wood, or a metal finish, Merten M-Elegance offers stylish solutions that satisfy all tastes.

    Merten M-Pure
    The principle of clean lines - in shape and material. A clear statement without compromises for any architecture.

    Merten M-Pure Decor
    A natural accent. The synergy of shape, colour, and material. A sumptuous visual and tactile experience.

    Merten M-Creativ
    Offering design and functionality for the individualist. For the first time, frame and insert can be easily personalized and freely adapted according to personal tastes.

    Merten M-Plan
    Focusing on the essentials, Merten M-Plan is the ideal switch for fans of clean and attractive designs. Available in brilliant gloss and stylish matt.

    Merten M-Smart
    Designed with the basics in mind, Merten M-Smart is based on a linear design and a discreet appearance. This switch always looks the part, no matter what the setting.


    Flexibility that's manufactured in Germany

    Merten System M is an international CEE 60 range that offers unlimited options in terms of functionality, finishes, colors, and designs.

    Featuring more than 175 functions, Merten System M offers innovative solutions for socket outlets as well as solutions for lighting, temperature, and shutter control. This range is perfect for hotel and hospital environments.

    Merten System M incorporates intuitive KNX technology and features high-end push buttons, thermostat displays, as well as  movement and presence detectors.

    Designed with renovation projects in mind, Merten System M incorporates RF system technology.



    Merten System M is designed for all residential buildings as well as non-residential environments such as schools, offices, and hotels.
    • Innovative functions for all electrical installations
    • System M with KNX delivers greater energy efficiency and comfort
    • Flexible and simple renovations with System M and RF system