Low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control up to 7300 A

High dependability low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control

  • Features

    The Okken distribution and motor control switchboards offer a quality solution with:

    • Fixed, disconnectable, removable and withdrawable distribution and motor feeders
    • Easy installation of variable speed drives, power factor correction and filtering equipment
    • High incomer packing density  
    • Switchboards tested to IEC61439-2 certified type tests  
    • Excellent performance:  Main busbar In (A) = up to 7300 - Main busbar Isc (kA) = up to 150 - Rated voltage (V) = 690 - Form 4b Type 6
    • Compliant with the EdF nuclear seismic standard, high level of internal arc confinement and corrosive atmospheres


    The most flexible and upgradeable switchboard on the market
    • Quality, high performing, tested switchboards: Peace of mind
    • Maximum upgradeability while live: Flexibility
    • Compact footprint: Space saving 
    • Optimised maintenance and operation: Ease of use


    Low voltage switchboards for large industrial sites and commercial buildings, and critical processes.

    • Oil & Gas, Chemicals industries, including offshore
    • Marine and offshore industry
    • Mining, Minerals, Metals & Cement industries
    • Water & Wastewater industry
    • Data centers infrastructure
    • Healthcare infrastructure
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Commercial buildings