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Flush-mounted boxes

Cost-efficient offer and complete range

  • Features

    Multifix offer is a cost-efficient and complete range of flush-mounted boxes.

    It is especially designed for fast and easy installation, while also considering the environment and the saving of energy.

    Multifix is a global platform with maintained focus on product evolution and respecting the Nordic and European installation habits.

    Multifix range includes boxes from standard to high-end segments:
    • Apparatus boxes
    • Junction boxes
    • Ceiling boxes
    • Multiboxes
    • Fire-proof boxes
    • Airtight boxes
    • Accessories
    Multifix range handles installations in different types of walls:
    • Hollow walls
    • Brick walls
    • Concrete walls
    • Pre-fabricated walls
    • Multifix Eco – apparatus and junction boxes for easy installation
    • Multifix Ceiling – ceiling boxes for every installation situation
    • Multifix Fire – apparatus, junction and ceiling boxes with fire plate, approved to be used in fire walls and ceilings
    • Multifix Prefal – apparatus, junction and ceiling boxes for embedding in pre-fabricated walls and ceilings             
    • Multifix Multi – apparatus boxes mainly intended for renovation work
    • Multifix Shielded – apparatus boxes shielded against electrical fields
    • Multifix TED & BP – apparatus, junction and ceiling boxes mainly for the Swedish market
    • Multifix Plus – apparatus, junction and ceiling boxes for hollow and brick walls
    • Multifix Air - airtight boxes suitable for most environments in all types of buildings, for hollow walls and ceilings
    • Multifix Plus 2 – apparatus and junction boxes for hollow walls
    • Multifix Modulo – for residential and industrial buildings, for brick walls and ceilings


    • Good rigidity of the boxes
    • High-speed screw for quick assembly
    • No tools needed for removing cut-outs
    • Smart solutions – knock-outs of various sizes in each box
    • Universal box handles all wiring devices with c/c 60 fixing centres
    • Self-instructive and functional design
    • Wide range of halogen-free boxes
    • Special range of airtight boxes meets the highest demands for energy saving
    • Several entries for 16, 20 and 25 mm conduits
    • Handles both rigid and flexible conduits
    • Different box types:  single, 1.5, double, triple, four-gang and big box
    • Conforming to different standards, e.g IEC 60670-1, IEC 61995-1, GOST R50827-95
    • Operational temperature from -5°C (-25°C for Nordic boxes) to +60°C
    • Degree of protection:  Multifix Air IP40, other ranges IP20
    • Wide range of accessories makes installation easy and flexible


    Suitable both for residential living areas and buildings like offices, hotels and hospitals.


    • Multifix Prefal
    • Multifix Plus 2
    • Multifix shielded
    • Multifix Eco
    • Multifix Air
    • Multifix TED & BP
    • Multifix Plus
    • Multifix Modulo
    • Multifix Ceiling
    • Multifix Multi
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