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Power Factor Correction Modules

50Hz. Power factor correction modules are the solution fully tested for panel builders

Low voltage capacitors

Power Factor Correction Modules
  • Features

    When is power factor correction used?

    Power factor correction improves power quality and availability by helping to optimise power consumption, and to compensate for voltage drops and other transient supply cuts that negatively impact process functioning.

    Power factor correction increases the power factor of a load, improving efficiency for the distribution system. Linear loads with low power factor can be corrected with a passive network of capacitors or inductors. Non-linear loads require active or passive power factor correction to counteract the distortion and raise the power factor.

    Power factor correction can be undertaken at a central substation, spread out over a distribution system, or built into power-consuming equipment.

    Power factor correction modules are the solution fully tested for panel builders. It is a prewired subassembly designed to put in power factor correction cubicles, either stand alone or inside a Main Low Voltage Switchboard. It is available with or without integrated busbar for the different electrical distribution types of network: Comfort and Harmony.

    Technical data

    Standard PFC (Comfort)
    Detuned PFC (Harmony)

    • Frequency:50 Hz
    • Network voltage:415V
    • Capacitor rated voltage:480V
    • Reactive power:25 to 100 kVAr
    • Detuned reactor tuning order (Harmony range): 3.8(190Hz)
    • Temperature class:class D (55°C)
    • Standard:IEC 61439-1, IEC 6192, EN 61439-1
    • Optional busbar assembly


    • Saving of time during assembly with  the optional busbar onnection 
    • Fixing crosspieces for installation of modules in cubicles
    • 100% tested before dispatch 
    • No maintenance during the first 5 years 
    • No corrosion thanks to the plastic envelop of the capacitors and the module
    • 15 years capacitor lifetime 
    • Improves power quality: Energy saving, CO2 saving, cost saving


    • Where power factor < 0.95 lagging
    • Where reactive power charges are appled
    • All commercial and industrial buildings
    • Industry
    • Infrastructure
    • Comfort range for systems with < 15% harmonic content
    • Harmony range for systems with > 15% harmonic contentMake savings on power factor correction
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