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TeSys LG, LJ

Enclosed DOL starters, safety switch disconnectors, thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers

Enclosed motor starters

TeSys LG, LJ
  • Software - Released
    Enclosed motor starter solution guide (Version 1.0) 14/12/17 English EMS_solution_guide_v_1.exe104.5 MB
    Tesys catalogue 2019 - 2020 Motor control and protection components (Version 9.1) 12/06/19 English MKTED210011EN.pdf110.7 MB
    Instruction sheet
    LG.K../LG.D../LJ.K.. D.O.L. starters for motor control (Version 06) 12/09/17 all,  English 0381764_01A55-06.pdf2.2 MB
    CAD file (on TraceParts) for LJ7K06Q710A29: TeSys LJ - enclosed DOL starter - 4...6.3 A - 24 V AC coil - padlocking (Version 2.0) 06/06/19 all
    CAD file (on TraceParts) for LJ7K09Q7: TeSys LJ - enclosed DOL starter - 9 A - 24 V AC coil (Version 2.0) 06/06/19 all
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