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What do the LED's on the ASi power supplies indicate
The ASi power supplies have several functions described by the diagram below They are very useful for fault finding and checking the electrical status...
Are the heads of XY2CDxx trip-wire switches available separately?
Yes, the head for  XY2CDxx trip-wire switches can be ordered as a spare part, number XY2CD01
What replacement enclosures are available for the TeSys LG and LJ enclosed Starters
Empty enclosure for LG1 or LG7 or LG8 or LJ7 or LJ8 are available with the following references references  : DE1KS217A04 : without pushbutton. DE1KS217A06...
Which contactors are used in the LG and LJ TeSys enclosed starters?
The contactors used in these starters depends on the current rating The TeSys K and D range standard contacors are used. The Part number of the describes...
Can I replace the buttons on a TeSys LG or LJ enclosed starter
Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the buttons on the buttons on a TeSys LG or LJ enclosed starter, However replacement enclosures are available...
Can I convert a 2 direction XD2G Joystick to a 4 direction?
Unfortunately you cannot change the function of an XD2G Joystick from 2 to 4 direction The 4 direction XD2G Joysticks start with the following XD2GA84****...
What replacement parts are available for the XD2G Joystick Controller?
The only replacement part for the XD2G Joystick controller is the Contact block Contact Block  ZB2BE101
Can I purchase a replacement enclosure for an LE1D**** Direct on line starter?
Now for the TeSys line the references of empty enclosures are : for LE1D09 to D12 : DE1DS1 for LE1D18 to D35 : DE1DS2 Other variants are available...
Can I replace the Contactor on an LE1M35***?
Unfortunately it is not possible to replace the contactor on an LE1M35**** as the contactor is a modified TeSys K contactor.
What is the hold up time of the rechargeable battery of the TSX7-40 PLCs and how often should it be replaced?
On TSX7-40 PLCs the Ni-Ca rechargeable battery is found inside the processors. The hold up time is 5 weeks if the rechargeable battery is new, and...
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