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Can I purchase touch-up paint for KQII distribution boards and I-Line panelboards?
Yes, our product code is SDPAINT.  Please contact our Customer Interaction Centre for price and availability or to place an order. Tel 0870 608 8 608
What is the circuit breaker handle for Econo-Flex enclosure?
Issue: What is the circuit breaker handle for Econo-Flex enclosure? Product Line: All Econo-Flex enclosures Environment: All Econo-Flex enclosures...
Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions RMA Process
Any goods returned to Schneider Electric Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions will require a RMA number as per the following procedure: Requests for...
Will the current range of RCD incomers fit the old AMG or BMG distribution boards?
The current range of RCD incomers ( Acti 9) will not fit into the old AMG or BMG distribution boards which were last manufactured around 1989/90....
Can I replace the electric contacts of the XY2AU enabling grip switch?
The contacts of the XY2AUx enabling switch are not available as spare parts.
How can I replace a faulty safety monitor on an existing AS-i network?
To replace a safety monitor, part number ASISAFEMONx, with an identical product, it is necessary to check whether the monitor which is to replace...
When mounting a KCF1PZ handle on an enclosure door, should the gasket be fitted inside or outside the door to ensure a degree of protection of IP65?
The gasket must be fitted on the outside of the door, between the faceplate of the handle and the door.
Is it possible to mount a ZB5 head on an XACA pendant control station?
No, it is not possible to mount a ZB5 head on an XACA pendant control station. Only the dedicated XACA**** booted operators and ZA2B type pushbuttons,...
What is the part number of the pushbutton mechanical interlocking device used in the XACA pendant control stations?
The part number of the mechanical interlocking device (mechanism) mounted between two pushbuttons on the XACA pendant control stations is;   XACA009...
Which combination block is used for circuit-breaker and contactor on the LAD311 mounting plates?
Between the following two products both mounted on the LAD311 plate:  GV2ME/GV2P circuit-breakers, TeSys D range contactors: LC1D09-LC1D38, the combination...
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