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What is the replacement for the XBTGT7340?
Issue What is the replacement for the XBTGT7340? Product Line Magelis HMI, XBTGT2000 series Resolution The replacement for the XBTGT7340 is the: HMIG3U...
What causes Concept error message "11109 Bad rule-dialogue variable identifier"?
This error usually occurs when importing a project with the Concept Converter. Go back to the version of Concept from which the project was converted....
Could not initialize CoDeSys minimal package error
Issue: Getting a message in SoMachine "Could not initialize CoDeSys minimal package" Product Line: SoMachine all versions Resolution: You need to...
I already have a serial number for Schneider Electric Automation and HMI programming software, where can I download it?
Issue Customer has all of the information that is needed for a software installation except for the media itself. Product line Unity Pro, ProWORX...
In SoMachine, how do I extract a bit from a word
Issue: How to extract a bit from a word in SoMachine? Product Line: SoMachine Environment: SoMachine Resolution: Please use function block WORD_AS_BIT
What causes error "Please wait to be seated." when running Concept?
This error occurs randomly and was corrected by Patch D in Concept 2.5 SR2.  
What programming language is supported by Somachine software ?
Somachine support the following programming languages   IL (Instruction List) LD (Ladder Diagram) SFC (Sequential Function Chart) ST (Structured Text)...
How to connect to ClearSCADA from MS SQL Server 2014 using Linked Servers
DISCLAIMER  The example below is  intended to demonstrate one or more features or methods and is presented as a configuration example only. Schneider...
What software is needed to program the M258 controllers?
SoMachine software is used to program the M258 PLC. Currently the latest version of SoMachine is 4.3.
Video: Measuring Memory Consumption on M221 with SoMachine Basic
Tutorial for checking the project memory consumption of a Modicon M221 using SoMachine Basic.  
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