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What is a good source of information for the ATS48 soft start?
Issue: Information is needed to facilitate installation and programming. Product line: Altistart ATS48 Environment: All models, all serial numbers...
What are the dimensions for the VW3A1111 Process keypad?
Issue: What are the dimensions for VW3A1111? Product Line: ATV600 ATV900 Process Drive Environment: All Cause: N/A Resolution: See the attached document...
What Size are the fixing screws supplied with the Ultimate Flat plate range of accessories?
Provided with each of the accessories are two sets of fixing screws, set one measures M3.5 x 25mm and the second set measures M3.5 x 30mm.
Do you have dimensions for the KQII B type distribution boards?
Please find pdf of the dimensions for the KQII distribution boards
What are the Dimensions of a SE250MET loadcentre metering kit?
Dimensions of a SE250MET for the 250amp Loadcentre board are. Width: 470mm Height: 270mm Depth: 139mm  
What is the Cable stud size on Quadbreak fuse switches?
 Please find the PDF with the Quadbreak technical information and dimensions including the cable stud sizes.
What are the dimensions of a 12 way LoadCentre KQII A type 125A distribution board KQ125A12?
Dimensions of KQ125A12 = 300mm(H) x 417mm (W) x 117mm (D)  
Where can I find dimensions or drawings for the HMI keypad VW3A1101?
Issue: Looking for dimensions or drawings for the keypad only Product line: VW3A1101 Environment: All serial numbers Cause: Not shown online. Resolution:...
How to find the catalogue of Floor boxes?
Please find attached Floor box catalogue including range information, technical description.
Can I mount a Momentum PLC vertically?
We only recommend mounting a Momentum PLC in its intended upright orientation as shown below. Any other type of mounting affects the heat dissipation...
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