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Can an ATV61 drive in an enclosed system be replaced by a process drive?
Issue: Can an ATV61 drive in an enclosed system be replaced by a process drive?   Product line: ATV600 series Altivar process drive.   Environment:...
How to define the reference for IKQ Single Phase distribution boards?
In the IKQ catalogue see section 1 which is attached as a PDF to this F.A.Q please see page 5 In this section of the SE8386 you will find the part...
What is the usage of VPS (voltage power supply) module of Micrologic X in MTZ air circuit breaker? What is the difference from 24V?
The Micrologic X’s internal voltage power supply module (VPS) is an optional module of Micrologic X control units. It allows to have power supply...
Can a single pole NSX have a Micrologic trip unit?
Unfortunately Micrologic trips are only available in 3 or 4 pole versions. Single pole NSX breakers are Thermal Magnetic trips only.
Where can I find a Domae to Easy9 product code conversion chart?
Please see attached Domae to Easy9 product code conversion chart.
Did the appearance of Tesys D contactors and control relays change? What changed on the “looks” for LC1D contactors (sizes LC1D09 to LC1D38) and CAD control relays?
Yes, there is an evolution happening during the 2nd quarter of 2012, in which will change slightly their appearance. This change will affect the Tesys...
Can I get the magnet or the detector of a Coded Magnetic Switch XCS for Safety, as separate component?
No, the Safety coded magnetic switches have to be bought as a pair, which will include the magnet and the detector.   Note: Other variations on the...
Do you have the dimensions for the new Resi9+ Metal consumer units?
Please find attached PDF of the dimensions for the Resi9+ Metal consumer units.
What replaced XPSAS? What are the differences between XPSAS and the new XPSAF?
XPS-AS Replaced by XPS-AF   XPSAS (old model)                                             XPSAF (new model)   XPS-AF has one extra N/O safety output...
What replaced XPSAX? What are the differences between XPSAX and the new XPSAC?
XPS-AX Replaced by XPS-AC   XPSAX (old model)                                                      XPSAC (new model)     XPS-AC has a solid state...
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