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How do the Canalis IP55 react to the presence of nitric acid or compounds?

Hydrochloric and hyperhydrochloric acids are aggressive, but nitric acid is the worst.

Nitric acid is very corrosive, even at low concentrations, for the whole of our range of busbar trunking, even the IP55 versions. The plastic and metal units can also be damaged.

Destruction of the Canalis lengths will occur at varying rates, depending on the concentration of these acids.
Painting or pre-lacquering can slow down the process but cannot stop it in the long run.

It is very difficult to assess how long Canalis equipment will last in acidic conditions. It depends on the concentration level of the vapours that customers often have difficulty measuring.

For all installations in harsh environments, please contact out technical team on 0870 608 8 608
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