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How can I guarantee gas tightness of the mechanical connection betweeen the switch tank and the mechanism located on the front face of MV switchgear?

Gas tightness of the mechanical connection is guaranteed by the use of a gas-tight rotary system patented by MERLIN GERIN and used in most of our medium-voltage switchgear (SM6, RM6, FLUARC). Two supports, one on each side of the enclosure, ensure that the shaft is correctly positioned.

The external bearing is protected by a washer which prevents the ingress of dust. A central oil tank ensures gas and water tightness. The assembly comprising the above parts is mounted on an aluminium block fixed to the enclosure by means of a tightened packing ring. This system ensures absolute gas tightness.

Rotary movement (a single degree of freedom) is the simplest system for ensuring this type of tightness. Tens of thousands of these assemblies have been in service for more than 20 years.
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