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How can I retrieve the lost user password for the ASISWIN2 safety monitor?

 In ASISWIN2, the following high safety commands are password protected:
  • PC to Monitor…
  • Learn safety configuration
  • Confirm
  • Stop
  • Change password…

To use a command that is password-protected, the password must be entered in the dialogue box that appears, in order to confirm the user's authorisation to execute the command.
The password can be made up of 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters, as follows:
  • A … Z
  • a … z
  • 0 … 9.
It is case-sensitive
If the wrong password is entered, an error message appears and the execution of the command is interrupted.
If the correct password is entered, ASISWIN2 retains it in the memory for 5 minutes. 
If another password-protected command is to be executed during this 5-minute period, the password will not have to be re-entered. 
The time the password remains in the memory returns to 5 minutes each time a password-protected command is executed.
Use of the software is thus simplified, as it is not necessary to keep entering the password. 
Great care must nevertheless be taken regarding use of this password.
This password can only be retrieved by the manufacturer of "AS-i safety" monitors. Such a procedure therefore takes some time.
It is therefore important not to forget or lose this password.
"Factory" or "default" setting
The default AS-interface safety monitor password (factory setting) is "SIMON".  
If the configuration of the AS-interface safety monitor has to be replaced, this default password must be replaced by another confidential password.
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