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What are the equivalences for the capacitive opening retarders, part numbers LA9Z, for DC coil contactors?

"The equivalences for the capacitive opening retarders in the old LC1D and LC1F range and the new TESYS D range are as follows:

Old part number New part number

LA9Z90F                            LAZR90F
LA9Z90M                           LAZR90M
LA9Z90Q                           LAZR90Q
LA9Z91F                            LAZR91F
LA9Z91M                           LAZR91M
LA9Z91Q                           LAZR91Q
For information, attached to this documentation are:

An extract of the 1995 catalogue detailing the LA9Zxxx part numbers for LC1D and LC1F contactors
An extract of the current catalogue detailing the LAZR9xxx part numbers

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