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What is the range of the Sphere Wireless Lighting Controllers?

The typical expected range of the Sphere Wireless lighting Controller for 90% reliability: 30 metres line of sight in open conditions. Sphere is a radio frequency wireless system, similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can similarly be affected by the surrounding environment.

To ensure maximum performance, avoid installing Sphere receivers where the wireless signals between the controllers and receivers may  be shielded or disrupted by building materials such as metal foil faced dry lining or ceiling board, metal foil faced insulation blocks, metal ceilings, walls and floors, metal building frameworks, metal cupboards and shelving, high efficiency double glazing and the like.

The wireless signal will travel effectively, without significant signal loss, through a single ordinary plasterboard partition, stud wall, wooden floor etc. However all variants of hard building materials such as brick, block, stone and concrete will reduce the useable range.

Range related issues show as erratic response i.e. loads randomly failing to change in response to controller commands. As with other remote control systems the usual method of overcoming this is to move closer to the affected receivers and/or by repeating the command.

Note: The Sphere range of products is no longer available in the UK
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