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MSA141 Analog Output Module Installation Sheet, Instruction Bulletin (ANSI),

The MSA141 module converts one of the Sepam™ measurements into an analog signal. Measurement selection is determined by parameter setting:

• 0-10 mA, 4-20 mA, or 0-20 mA analog signal according to parameter setting.

To scale the analog signal, set minimum and maximum values of the converted measurement.

Example—the setting used to set phase current (Ia) as a 0-10 mA analog output with a dynamic range of 0-300 A is: minimum value = 0 maximum value = 300 (3000 .. 0.1A = 300.0 A)
Any one of the CCA770 (2 ft or 0.6 m), CCA772 (6.6 ft or 2 m) or CCA774 cables (13.1 ft or 4 m) connects a single module for each Sepam base unit.

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